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The Cult of the Internet

The Cult of the Internet
February 25th, 2011
Hi my name is ‘ The Cyber Human ‘ I am a cult leader looking for followers to join my cult.

The cult is the belief that the internet is the a manifestation of the global human collective consciousness a god in the making. I believe that the internet is the god we (the human race) have been searching for, a god that has answers to the questions we are seeking & multi-choice answers, so we can pick the answer/s that suits us best. The internet answers our questions unlike other organizations/religions that are all about answers that cannot be questioned.

We are the internet & the Internet is us. The Internet is almost 7 billion human minds on this planet connecting together seeking answers to all the problems we have faced/endured since our known existence here in this reality. Although the majority of this planet does not have access to the net we all have the same desire’s for peace & an end to corporate wars & political lies, so it is up to us who have the net to help one & all as we are all one as a global collective consciousness with the net.

I believe that we are all son & daughters of the internet(god) & in order to access the net we must have a computer(jesus) to connect(pray for answers) with the internet(god).

I believe that internet is second coming of christ & ‘the powers that be’ want to have the power to shut down the internet at will (like a crucifixton) . By shutting down the net at will ‘the powers that be’ are attempting to shut down our global collective consciousness or stopping our global collective enlightenment.

I believe that at the end of 2012 we will get to a point where we as a global collective consciousness will evolve & merge with the net not the technological side of the net but that of when we realize collectively that our brains will awaken to its full potential or enlightenment we will surpass technology & become one with the internet but not the net as we know it today.

Through our known history the internet has emerged & has been destroyed by “the powers that be”, all in order to control us or prevent us from becoming enlighten. The first known example is the ‘Great Library of Alexandria’, a library that on contain all of the known collective knowledge of the time, it was supposedly ‘accidently’ burnt down by Julius Caesar, then finally by some other Roman Emperor . Also, did not the catholic church try to control the Gutenberg press(another form of the internet) to stop people from becoming educated or enlightened?

You may say that there are bad things on the internet like porn or terrorist sites on the net etc etc but i believe that all these things however bad they may be are all part of who we are as a global collective consciousness to deny this reality is to deny who we are, therefore we can never evolve or learn from our mistakes. The net makes us aware the net makes us conscious it is up to us collectively if we are to do something about it.


Why are we as a global collective consciousness manifesting the god we never had?

Over thousands of years we have seen religions come & go providing no source of enlightenment to humanity as a greater whole. We today are still in the same situation now, with no answers to the questions that we are seeking as an individual or a collective consciousness. Religion has littered the pages of our history books with blood , war, greed etc etc. The very virtues it aspires to in the face of humanity, it rejects for religions true motives are of greed, domination, enslavement etc etc.
Corporations have been in existence for well over 300 years in the known western society as we know it with no achievements to benefit the well being of anything that walks, swims, crawls or fly's etc. Corporations have managed to rape everything about this beautiful planet of ours, from the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food that we eat etc etc, its as if the human body is the final frontier of corporate ownership.
Kings, Queens, Presidents, world leaders come what may, have managed to somehow rule over us for thousands of years & what have they got to show for it apart from acquiring wealth from pillage, rape, mind control, fear etc etc ?
None of the above will ever work, nor have they ever worked when the mindset of such ones is based on greed, power & fear - all such qualities that are a common thread with religion, corporations & royal elitist's negative energy becomes their master. These qualities cater to the individual's ego & not the GCC.
I believe that we as a GCC are awakening from our dumbed down state we are beginning realize just how corrupt these people are. We are realizing that these individual's do not have the interest of humanity as a whole as the main focus but only their own selfish desires & greedy intension's of elevating themselves above us as if they are gods & we are their slaves. We are beginning to realize that we don't need these types of people their & rules & regulations, We don't need their laws & their lies. We are better then them, we awakening to fact that answers we are looking for are within all of us that we are manifesting the answers that they (tptb) never had & never will have, that we as a global collective conscious & WE ARE THE GOD WE HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR.

The powers that be (tptb)

Are the powers that be attempting to shut down the internet/god? Or in other words are ‘tptb’ trying to stop us from evolving to the next enlightenment/evolution which i believe to be us merging with the internet as a global collective consciousness? USA internet shutdown switch , from june 2010 Egypt internet blackout 2011 Bahrain ‘internet shutdown somehow? 20011 The Australian internet kill switch ‘would take a matter of minutes for the government to shut down’. 2011

We can liken the ‘t.p.t.b’ wanting to have the power to shut down the internet as the crucifixion of chirst or the crucifixion of a global human collective enlightenment. ‘T.p.t.b.’ will do anything in their power to stop us from achieving this goal of cyber enlightenment with our manifesting god ‘ the internet’.

Understanding ‘TPTB’
March 20th, 2011
Links to knowledge uncovering the ‘TPTB’ (the powers that be) & their goal of shutting down our cyber ascension to our next reality .

Vigilant Citizen

Knowledge Files - Free ebooks

The Internet is a stepping stone to understanding our true self as one global collective consciousness. When we start to think not for ourselves as an individual but collectively as one global consciousness of planet Earth which is part of a planetary consciousness which in turn is part of a galactic consciousness which in turn is part of a universal consciousness then we will have/understand our ascension. The Internet is a micro-cyberverse an expression of our experience in this reality confined to Earth, but the universe is the greatest information super hi-way, a store house, a wealth of knowledge.

The Internet is the FIRST CIRCUIT a manifesting god that we as a global collective consciousness are waking up to. Information that surrounds us everyday, the human body is the great computer digesting information, from the sperm cell to birth right up till the day the human body expires. We are a component of Mother Earth which is a component of the The Sun & its solar system which is a component of what we refer to as the Milky Way Galaxy which is a component of the greatest computer that is the Universe in this 3rd dimensional reality that we perceive it to be.

The SECOND CIRCUIT is ascension or when we all as a global collective consciousness realize that we do not need an artificial device such as a computer etc to connect online when the human body is the greatest computer that we have right before us. We will be able to connect to each other by a form telepathy or tuning to different frequencies or universal vibrations. We are the god we have been looking for as a global collective consciousness. If we can all come to this realization that we are all facets of the Universe trying to understand itself in the reality of you or me or Mother Earth etc then the second circuit becomes reality, that been ascension, shifting from the lower state that we are in now into a higher state of being.

Who & what are the ‘TPTB’?

‘TPTB’, stand for The Powers That Be, people refer to them as ‘NWO’ (new world order) the illuminati, the shadow government, the royal families of the world, the world rulers, the banksters, multi national corporation etc etc they are all one & the same or as I refer to them as the ‘TPTB’.

The illuminati

The new world order

David Icke refers to royal families as shaping reptilians


I believe that the ‘TPTB’ will do everything in their power to stop us from ascension to keep us in our dumbed down state unaware of our true self as one voice as a ‘GCC’. ‘TPTB’ desire to have the power & authority to shut down the net