Friday, May 27, 2011

The Human Body is the Greatest Computer We Have

The human body is the greatest computer that we have, it is the vessel that we experience this 3rd dimensional reality in, we just have to learn how to use it. We have been in existence for 100's of thousands of years if not millions as a human body or as a family or a tribe or a nation but not as a Global collective consciousness only when we come to that realization that when we are one as a GCC then only then will we ascend (this is the second coming of christ) to a higher god frequency that we are the god that we are looking for.
We must reprogram our bodies away from the negative energy the TPTB want us to believe, but find the answers that we seek not as an individual or group or nation but together as one, as a GCC.
The TPTB do not want us to ascend & are reprogramming the human body to a lower frequency that makes us more susceptible to disease, fear, death etc closing down our chakra's making us easy to control.
How are the TPTB reprogramming the human body ?
Today they are doing this through GMO foods, fluoridated water, factory farmed animals,
etc, its like hacking into the human vessel breaking down our physical bodies & our minds to a
lower frequency as an individual , a family, a community & as a GCC. They hack into the human mind through
with social networking sites & reality TV shows designed to do our thinking for us , advertising that tells us what
, how & where to consume.
Check out David Icke - Hacking the Human Matrix.