Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Love Frequency

Tuning into the love frequency from the universe is a higher state of been, its is cleansing to the human vessel that we inhibit in the 3rd dimensional reality experience. When we vibrate with love as a GCC we are conscious of all things in this reality we therefore rise our consciousness to a fourth dimensional awareness.

Love is a master key that unlocks the directory of the human computer, it enables you to access & unlock doorways & rooms within the body that were once impossible . Take for example 2 people who fall in 'love', love enables to 2 to become 1, or as the phrase goes '2 hearts that beat as one', example - they think as 1, care for each others needs, strive to make the relationship work, support each other etc etc its a place where good energy exist , its a good place to be, this is the love frequency its hard work. That love frequency can be extended to love as family , to community , to plants & animals etc then to the planet, the solar system etc etc , where love expands our knowledge of the universe,  fear contracts & cage's us in thus not allowing us to access to universal internet it is a disconnection.

Love & fear are the same thing but both are at opposite ends of the scale , the more the body expresses love, the more elevated you become the higher up the scale you ascend , but on the other hand fear is to descend , to fall into fear is to degrade your Sacred Computer - the Body. The Balance is the between, to view both love & fear from the one perspective the Balancing point which is the 3rd & 4th dimensional reality (we exist in) , the dimension of choice  , good - bad, left - right, hot - cold, war - peace etc

Fear is the lowest state of been, it imprisons us to this 3rd dimensional state creating the illusion of freedom through materialism or control, assigning labels & names to everything & anything you can think of. Fear separates the "I" from the "WE" & creates the duality or separation from the unity or the collective consciousness thus the "WE" starts to fracture & fear slowly creeps in