Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Human Body is the Greatest Computer We Have part 2

The human body that I exist in is a product of its ancestors, for example the reason that I am here was made possible because of my ancestors . How they existed and lived left the blueprint dna that now exists within me that made my body possible, thus all the lifes that existed before me aided to the creation on this body through their bloodline . The soul ( or the facets of the universe trying to understand itself in the reality of my/your existence/experience ) starts it experience when it enters its chosen body , which the soul compliments the body by its experience over a lifetime . If the lifetime experience was one of love or positive intentions then the blueprint of this is passed onto the offspring of that body thus creating a higher being after generations, allowing the incarnating souls to have positive experiences enriching the universal mind . But if the blueprint of the body is one of fear then the lower the body becomes thus making the experience of the soul harder.

The ancestors that once existed as I do now, are long gone as living beings , but they still exist within the body & as the body. To unlock the secrets they left behind in the body we must first understand who we are as an individual ,a family, a tribe/community , a race , & a collective consciousness. Lots of indigenous tribes could recite there entire family tree right back to the spirits or star peoples that fell down from the heavens.
The human body is also a fractal of the Universe , a mini universe within learning & experiencing that with which we have come here to experience , we are a manifestation of the experience of the Universe  within the confines of the 3rd dimensional reality on Planet Earth