Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Soul & the Human Body

Let us understand the difference between the soul & body, firstly the soul is the universe's light body  , secondly the body is the vessel in which the soul experience's the reality it choses in this 3rd dimensional matrix. The soul is like an energy that ignites or power ups the body for the experience. The soul has the recorded information of past life's & experience's that it has compiled or downloaded ready to upload to the universe/source once the required information is complete in this reality. The soul also programs the body that it enters for the experience to pass on genetic information to the DNA of the body which in turn produces offspring that in turn programs that body, passing on the genes.
The body is the vessel for the soul to experience, the body is the gift of life comes pre-programmed by all its ancestors at birth ready for the soul to enter & contribute its lifetime experience to the dna. The ancestors that made the body exist in the coded programming they left behind by their contribution or experience in their past to make you/me possible they can also be accessed through your DNA. To make contact with them you can A/ experience the ones that are still alive, B/ remember the ones that once existed in your life experience but have departed, c/  one has to be in a heighten state of awareness perhaps through meditation by vibrating the body in love energy or in  an altered state of spiritual consciousness by tuning into the right frequency you can trace your family line right back to our extra terrestrial origins