Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The Internet is the stepping stone to a higher form of consciousness. It opens new doors to alternative realities that breaks free from the controlled reality that we exist in today. For example evolution is a reaction to the controlled religious reality that existed, thus providing 2 alternative realities to chose from. Now with instant information at your finger tips the possibilities are limitless, by the day more & more realities are opening alternative ideas etc ancient aliens, spontaneous generation, intelligent design, Gaia theory etc etc. The Internet is not just a place for social networking it is a place to contribute to the collective knowledge of who we are & where we came from, it is place to learn & be educated, not by controlled institutions that feed us a controlled knowledge that fits into their corporate greed & profit. The Internet is the Great Teacher you can learn to speak another language, fix a car, how to draw ,alternative power sources & free energy devices you wont find at a multi national corporate mega shopping mall, the Internet is about rediscovering old ideas swept under the carpet by "T.P.T.B". There is a wealth of information out there so educate yourself & elevate your consciousness to higher levels don't be confined to the prison of mainstream. And say "NO TO AN INTERNET TAX" & "NO TO A CONTROLLED INTERNET".


Taxing the Internet is "T.P.T.B"s way to try to HACK into the collective consciousness its like a computer virus designed on a psychological scale for us to think about, so we manifest there idea/virus  before they bring it . The psychological hack works on a collective level so "T.P.T.B" sit in there boardroom meetings scheming ways to hack into the global collective consciousness which thus filters down into each human body (that been the natural computer of the universe) on this planet .