Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Existence in the third dimensional reality.

Singular Internet / Singular Consciousness
Ok I have a new theory or an expansion to 'the human body is the greatest computer we can have',
So say the 'human body' functions as a singular internet system where all our internal organs function to sustain the existence of the human body for its lifetime, so we have the brain the CPU communicates to other processing units 'organ' to make sure everything is in good operating order etc , so we go through life knowing that we exist but we also forget that there is more to the existence of our body then we can imagine . Even when we sleep the body is recharging goes into sleep mode & the screen saver comes on, that being (if I can be so bold in saying) the dream world which could be like a virus scanning program that tells our subconscious what is wrong with us or what could happen to us in the future . So this body that I/you have is a self functioning , self aware internet system on a singular level so as a soul being that has come to experience this reality as you or me we must be come aware of this internet system within us & think about how it functions & operates for example when we walk down the street are we aware of the amount of pressure the weight of our body has on our feet, or how many bones are in the foot, how the muscles operate in our foot in relation to our weight, speed & distance we are walking , perhaps if we take into account how the body operates as we exist in life, think about how the bones & organs communicate to each in the functioning of our well being , what muscles we use when we breathe instead of thinking about whats on TV tonight or which party drug to purchase this weekend , we therefore make a stronger connection to our body  thus expanding our knowledge of who we are as an individual, this will help in our cyber ascension.

Dualistic Internet / Dualistic Consciousness
Now take 2 people who are deeply in love with each other, (yes i know this rare these days) thats 2 internet operating systems that connect to each other , the emphasis here would be that 'they share' things together feelings , love, help each other unconditional, they go out of their to be there for each other, make babies adopt babies  & confided in each other, the list goes on this is like personal file sharing & down loading personal information about each other to each other , the singular internet system now becomes a dual internet system its an upgrade, again love is a powerful energy so just like we think about how the body functions as we walk, talk etc etc in a dual internet system we need to think about how each other operates & functions the next step would be to think about the energy of love , how it works on & in each other , this also assists in acquiring elevated knowledge in our cyber ascension  . This dual internet system has the responsibility to reproduce or adopt children & help with their programing as young internet systems & develop into a full operating system, this is the family internet system but it is still a dualistic system as the responsibility fulls upon the parents. They the parents who have kids form a natural bond with their offspring thus the family internet system kicks in, parents can instinctively know what their babies / children are thinking  due to the DNA information that is passed on to their offspring  ,

Tribal Internet / Tribal Consciousness
The tribal or community internet is the functioning of many internet systems operating along the same line of thought or cultural identity, that all have the similar goals or aspirations. The Tribal Internet comprises of the Singular & the Dualistic Internet this therefore becomes the Tribe or Nation a collection of people where the collective consciousness forms an archetypal representation of who they are

Planetary Internet / Planetary Consciousness
The planetary internet is the global collective consciousness that thinks as one for the betterment of planet Earth . This connects us to the planet from the plant kingdom to the animal , ocean, insect worlds etc, everything that makes this planet the vibrant place that it is.
We as humans manifest the reality of the world we exist in , just like the animals manifest the world that they exist in, we share the planet but the planes of reality between the animal world is different to the reality we exist in. The planetary internet is connection of all the collective realms of consciousness from humans to animals to insects etc etc . When we tap into the Planetary Collective Consciousness we can communicate with other lifeforms we share this planet with.
So as a Planetary Consciousness we are like a super computer, we are facets of the super computer , making complex computations every second or in the moment so if there are 7 billion humans on the planet that is 7 billion bits processing information contribruting to the Planetary Consciousness , so if we include the animal kingdom , the insect kingdom, fish etc plants etc etc the computation processes would be beyond what I can think, but all contribution to the Planetary Consciousness .

Solar Internet / Solar Consciousness
The Solar Internet is our knowledge & ascension of our solar system the connection & recognistion of all life forms that exist now, past & future in our solar system. We connect telepathically to them & download & upload information in our 3rd dimensional plane of existence. Also this awareness on a solar level also helps us to understand other 3rd dimensional realities that exist on the earth, but exist in another frequency (its like tuning a radio) worlds that are constructed just like ours but out of our frequency range so we cannot see then & they us. (also a singluar, dualistic & planetary internet can perceive the other universe's by means of spiritual simulants such as magic mushrooms, D.M.T etc but taken for the right reasons off course). The Sun is the life giver for its solar system just like 99% of stars in our galaxy . When we connect as united lifeforms in our solar system we form the 'The Solar Collective Consciousness' we therefore ascend to a higher form of existence

Galactic Internet
The Galactic Internet is the Collective Consciousness of the Galaxy, the awareness of all life on a Galactic scale from Macro-verse within this Galaxy to the reality plane that we exist in, to the Multi-verse (parallel universe).

Universal Internet