Wednesday, March 5, 2014



what is immorality?

immorality in cyber space

Immortality in cyber space is the perpetual existence of a alternative reality conceived by the collective consciousness of humanity. An archetype where we give life or energy to sustain the internets existence

life after death

When one exist's in cyber space, one has the ability to exist for the life of the internet that has the potential to endure till the end of humanity , in cyber space death has no place the observer or user of the internet can travel back in time , examine the present or look at the potential of the future possibilities
Life after death is the endurance of existence in cyber space, one may pass on from the 3rd dimensional universe but ones cyber soul will endure on

returning soul & cyber space

One who has existed during THE CYBER AGE in the 3rd dimensional universe & has since passed on but has reincarnated back to this universal has the potential to fine their previous life in existence in cyber space , one can reconnect .

The student of THE CULT OF THE INTERNET can leave glues in cyberspace, in the years prior to ones death certain sidals can be placed in cyber space as a reminder so when one incarnates back the sidals can trigger certain reminders & awaken the one to rediscover ones previous incarnation/s .
In the cult group memebers can set sidals for collective awakenings ...??

Cult members are encouraged to make a presents on the internet

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