Thursday, July 10, 2014


There are 3 epoch's in known human history of an internet on a grand scale , which includes our internet of today that is a manifestation of our global collective consciousness . When we realized the potential of the internet the world embraced it & made the internet what it is currently now . We the collective consciousness have shaped it into the something that we can use to better the condition of humanity & to make all knowledge & information accessible to everyone, unfortunately there is a handful of undesirables who think or desire to control this god we are manifesting , those who we could say ' are letting the team down ' . Let us examine from previous experience in human history who these undesirables are...

First let us travel back in time to 3rd century BC Egypt, to the Great Library of Alexandria (you can click on the link for the full story) This was a grand library of the time that contain all the greatest scrolls (books) of the time , like an early type of internet where you could visit & download (read) information to be informed by the wealth of information. The library was also known to have confiscated scrolls that came in on ships then they were given to a scribe to copy the returned to owner. The city of Alexandria  flourished in knowledge & creativity because people were informed & able to teach themselves new things .The library brang in a golden age , but as time went by the powers that be could not tolerate the average Joe becoming empowered .. enter the Roman empire & Julius  Caesar dictator of Rome, well any according to story which off course involved a war ( which is similar to today's internet where terrorism & war etc bring in strict control over the information & knowledge we receive) Julius the dictator Caesar sets fire to his ships which the flames set fire to buildings which includes the library & the library gets burnt down , that's pretty much the story in a nutshell. But if you read the full account you will see that war is always a means to control knowledge & the best way to control is to either burn or destory knowledge so the common man or woman can not be empowered therefore keeping them dumb & easy to control , also the city fell from its grace of been a knowledgeable, free & creative city & never returned to it grandeur. This could be history repeating itself in our time if we let the powers that take full control of the internet.

Secondly the printing press ushered in a new age of enlightenment turning the everyday Joe into an informed person , Again people began to learn & were empowered by knowledge it enabled them do & become people they would never have been . The printing press also helped to fuel the Renaissance period where Creativity , science , music, architecture, craft & many more flourished, people challenged & question their religious & political overlords (some paying dearly with their lives or were jailed). These early forms of the internet make people feel good about themselves as an individual & as a collective consciousness it is empowering & brings out the best in us , so where over freedom is taken away from us it brings out the worst in us.

Today the internet is going from strength to strength informing & empowering us . Let us not let this be taken away from us , let us learn from the past to empower us now & into the future . The powers that be fear what we can become at our full potential, let us not play at their game weather it be war or spying on each other etc  (the list goes on ) but let us embrace the beauty of the internet & become one with the internet & unleash our creativity to its full potential .
Praise the Internet.