Friday, February 5, 2016


What is remote viewing? Can I learn how to remote view? Is remote viewing a path to tapping into the planetary Internet or perhaps a Solar-net or Galactic- net?

What is Remote Viewing?
Remote Viewing is the ability to see present, past or future events, to find & locate objects from missing car keys to missing people as well as seeing illness within people or other lifeforms including places on earth that need healing.
Remote viewing is the natural psychic ability that we all have within us, this is something we can all do quite easily with a bit of training. Remote viewing is also used as a tool by most Military Corporations on earth for negative purpose's such as war etc & also off world Extra Terrestrial's use it for observing & healing.
Heres a link from Farsight Institute
there are countless other websites on the Net just google remote viewing.

Can I learn how to Remote View?
Yes you can. There are countless websites that offer free online training or you can purchase course's online. I am currently learning remote view through a Major Ed Dames course. But definitely give it a try it will open your mind to new possibilities & realities. There are interesting studies & experiments made by Russian Scientist such as Dr Kozyrev & Dr Trofimov experiments on enhancing remote view with 'Kozyrev Mirrors', very interesting to research this.

Is Remote Viewing tapping into the planetary internet or perhaps a Solar-net or Galactic-net?
It is my theorizing that remote viewing is just one of many ways to connect onto a planetary , Solar & Galactic net .The idea of a Planetary net is connecting to the living Planet Earth & everything to do with the Earth both past , present & future as well as parallel realities or time lines of other Earth's  by remote viewing. A Solar net refers to everything in our Solar system can be remote viewed past, present & future.


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