Sunday, April 21, 2019


Greetings brothers, sisters & other lifeforms that are either artificial or organic who are tuned in to this blog .
I have a new band called 'The Build-A-Burgers' which is an experimental , electro, dub, art band , which comprises of 3  humans myself (evangelist) , Nic Ives (on all instruments), Pheelix (bass guitar)
With this band we attempt to reveal conspiracy theories by tapping into the 'stream of consciousnesses' (the real internet)  , through my evangelism I channel various topic's that are dominant on the verge of  the stream & tackle themes on the Flat Earth, Moon Landing Hoax, The X-Files, etc other themes please check out this link to our band camp Build A Burgers or  . By means of channeling, the sermons become like how Rastafarian's use music as a vehicle to spread their sacred teachings , the BuildAburgers endeavor to do the same .

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